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Which Type of Heat Pump Installation Is Best for Your Home?

by OnTime Home Services on December 13, 2013

A heat pump can offer significant advantages over traditional HVAC systems. They can be extremely energy efficient, and properly maintained, a unit can last as long as 25 years. But how do you know which kind of unit is best for your house? Our specialists at On Time Home Services Temecula can help you decide […]

Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality With Regular Service

by OnTime Home Services on December 5, 2013

A properly functioning air conditioning system controls indoor air quality as well as the indoor house temperature. Filter systems help purify air brought in from outside the home as well as air recirculated throughout the house. These filters block particles from airborne pollutants as well natural occurring antigens such as pollen and bacteria. At On […]

Protect Your Home With Regular Heater Maintenance

by OnTime Home Services on November 20, 2013

There are a number of responsibilities around the home, but heater maintenance is one of the most important. When people fail to take care of their heaters, it can increase the likelihood of starting a home fire, a tragic issue that can be prevented. At On Time Home Services Heating & Air Conditioning, we always […]

The Benefits of Regular Heater Maintenance

by OnTime Home Services on November 7, 2013

Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned your home for years, you likely understand what a big responsibility it is to maintain your own home. There are several tasks to be performed, such as mowing the lawn, painting and repairing. With all your responsibilities, you will learn or have probably already learned that […]

Basic Furnace Repair Information

by OnTime Home Services on November 5, 2013

If you have recently found out that you need to have furnace repair work done, you may have a lot of questions. You may have basic questions such as how the furnace broke and what can be done to prevent problems in the future. Fortunately, On Time Home Services Temecula offers helpful information that can […]

Infographic Need Fresh Air? Get Indoor Plants

by OnTime Home Services on November 1, 2013

Have you ever wondered what you can do to get better air quality in your home? At On Time Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning  have a solution; getting indoor plants. There are many different types of indoor plants you can choose from, and each one offers its own unique air filtering qualities. Check out […]

A Home Safety Inspection Prepare You for Natural Disasters

by OnTime Home Services on October 31, 2013

Natural disasters and other emergencies can strike when you least expect them. California has a history of natural disasters, especially earthquakes. In this year’s Great ShakeOut, millions of Californians are joining in on earthquake preparedness drills so that they can be prepared for California’s next unexpected emergency. A home safety inspection by On Time Home […]

A Heat Pump Installation Keeps You Warm and Saves Money

by OnTime Home Services on October 30, 2013

When the cold temperatures of winter come to California, you want nothing more than to keep your home warm. If your heating system is not working properly, you need the help of a Temecula furnace repair specialist. We at On Time Home Services Temecula specialize in a variety of furnace installation and repair services, including […]

Quick Help is on the way with Emergency Furnace Repair

by OnTime Home Services on October 29, 2013

When you find yourself in need of quick furnace repair, On Time Home Services Temecula has you covered. With our quick availability, affordable service, and dependable technicians, it may be hard to find another Temecula furnace service company that compares. For all of your emergency furnace repair needs, our service technicians are available 24 hours […]

The Benefits of Installing Programmable Thermostats

by OnTime Home Services on October 28, 2013

For our clients who are currently using manual thermostats, we would like to invite you to learn the many benefits of installing programmable thermostats in your home or business. At On Time Home Services Temecula we want our customers to stay informed about the latest heating technologies available on the market that can help keep […]