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HVAC System Replacement

Top-of-the-Line Heating & Cooling Systems

Is your HVAC system noticeably inefficient? Has it been consistently unreliable and frequently broken? When thinking about your system, can you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following:

  • Over a Decade Old
  • Causes High Energy Bills
  • Costs a Fortune in Repairs
  • Distributes Inconsistent Airflow
  • Unreliable Thermostat
  • Noisy and Frustrating

If so, it might be the right time (or past time!) to consider a full system replacement. HVAC units are not one size fits all, but with On Time’s extensive knowledge of the best in modern, energy-efficient units, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best.

System replacement is a big project that requires technical training and years of expertise to be done right. And it’s important to get installation right the first time, as an improperly installed unit will result in higher bills and lower quality performance. At On Time, we offer a 100% guarantee on all services and a 10-year service and product satisfaction guarantee.

At On Time, we administer in-home system assessments, to find the root cause of its troubles. From there, we help you determine the next best step for you, whether that be repair or a full installation. If you do choose to begin a big project like a full system replacement, we’ll be there to discuss the best solutions every step of the way, and can recommend the right unit for your home and your lifestyle.

Whether it’s your first unit, or an upgrade of an older unit, get the On Time solution!

Benefits of a new, correctly installed HVAC unit:

  • Lowers Heat and Humidity
  • Alleviates Asthma and Allergies
  • Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Combats Mold Build-up
  • Peak Efficiency and Lower Costs
  • Higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
  • Modern HVAC Unit Amenities (delay switch, filter sensor, dual-speed
  • condenser, and more!

When you work with On Time, you get the best. We take pride in our work, and are honored to serve homeowners in Temecula and the surrounding areas. You can always rely on our technicians, and our company promise: we’ll be on time, any time, every time!

There’s no reason to sweat! Call On Time today at (951) 292-0200 or schedule an appointment online.