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Your Trusted HVAC Contractor in Irvine, CA

Homeowners never know when they will require an HVAC contractor in Irvine, CA. A problem can cause the system to break down at any moment. An important part of keeping it operating is scheduling a checkup each year. Our technicians handle this part of their jobs all the time. It helps the system operate efficiently. Homeowners see reduced utility bills by having maintenance performed on the unit. Never hesitate to schedule an appointment for a service checkup with OnTime Home Services. 

Everyone can always rely on us for air conditioning repair in Irvine Ca. We can complete any HVAC installation that a homeowner wants when they hire us to perform the job. Get in touch with us for any HVAC repair or service that you may need.

We are the team that you can trust for:

Top HVAC Contractor Irvine CA

Most homeowners are using a fuel-fired furnace. The unit operates with natural gas or propane. The components within the system can break down from age and wear. Always shut the system down by turning off any source of gas when there is a problem. An HVAC technician should be called to repair the system.

A furnace using natural gas can develop a problem with the gas valve. It might not turn on when needed. A faulty heat exchanger won’t work properly. It can be a source for carbon monoxide poisoning when it burns inefficiently.

The blower motor is an important part of the system. It directs the heated air through the ductwork to warm interior rooms of a home. Signs it could need a replacement include the smell of wires burning. The blower can develop a high-pitched noise, which means it could be ready to stop working at any moment.

Air filters are important for keeping the system free of accumulated debris. Failing to change the filters can result in reduced airflow and system failure. Utility costs will rise because the unit is operating longer to heat the home. An HVAC system will need frequent maintenance to operate without problems. Think about us the next time HVAC maintenance is needed on the system.

Heating Repair in Irvine CA

One of the first things a technician does is check out the entire furnace to locate problem areas. He will check the venting for signs of blockages. Part of the job includes making sure the heat exchanger has no cracks or corrosion.

We will examine the blower to make sure it works properly. We perform an amperage test on the blower to make certain it won’t risk catching on fire by running hot. The blower is lubricated to the required levels. All the system wiring will be gone over to ensure a good connection.

The pilot light and thermocouple are examined to make sure there is no problem. Our heating services will do a complete inspection of the furnace to locate any issues.

OnTime Home Services is the service to contact for heating repair in Irvine CA. Some homeowners upgrade to a high-efficiency heating system that is eco-friendly. Give us a call for service with a new heating installation.

Air Conditioning Repair in Irvine CA

The first procedure our technician will do when doing air conditioning maintenance is to clean the entire unit. This helps prevent problems in the future from ice formation causing the system to be unable to cool. The refrigerant is examined with diagnostic equipment to make sure the level is correct.

An overall inspection is done to make sure that the fan and motor are operating. The compressor and evaporator coil are examined. Any problems with the system must be repaired or replaced.

Contact OnTime Home Services for an HVAC Contractor in Irvine, CA

OnTime Home Services can handle any air conditioning services a homeowner might require in the local area. We will do a new air conditioning installation upgrade for businesses or homeowners in the surrounding areas. For system repair or air conditioning replacement, call us or use the contact form on this website. 

Don’t Waste Time; Call On Time Today!

For your AC repair and heating needs in Irvine, Call (951) 474-0636 or schedule an in-home consultation appointment online.