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Air Conditioning Repair

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Air Conditioning Repair In Irvine, CA

Few people realize how important their air conditioning systems are until they stop working during the hot summer months. Air systems have many parts that can break down from constant use. This is when you have to contact an HVAC contractor in Irvine, CA.

When the system isn’t producing cool air or needing frequent repairs, homeowners need OnTime Home Services for our air conditioning services. We specialize in air conditioning maintenance. Our technicians know how to perform the air conditioning installation on all the major brands.

The investment in a new central air unit will pay off for homeowners over time. The systems on the market today are energy efficient to save a lot of money on operation costs. The manufacturers build them to be eco-friendly for the environment. Consider a new unit when the old system isn’t performing as it once was.

Reasons To Consider Air Conditioning Repair in Irvine CA

An air conditioning system will wear out from years of operation. The average lifetime of a unit is 10 to 15 years with annual maintenance. Failing to have the unit serviced can shorten the lifespan of the system.

Having to call us for constant repairs is a good reason to have the system replaced. We recommend a new air conditioning installation when we are frequently contacted for service calls. A unit that has to have constant repair is unreliable to depend on. A new system can give homeowners the peace of mind of knowing they can rely on the unit to keep family members comfortable.

People don’t realize that the unit helps with the ventilation inside the home. Humidity levels can rise when the system isn’t performing efficiently. Dust and other debris may accumulate on everything inside the house when the system is failing to operate correctly. These are important reasons to think about our air conditioning services.

Higher utility bills result from an inefficient air condition system. Homeowners will notice the difference in the operational costs with a failing system. It could be some problem that requires air conditioning maintenance. The most common issue is the unit is worn out from many years of operation.

A new central air system can barely be heard when in operation. Weird noises coming from the unit are signs it needs maintenance service or air conditioning replacement. A technician from On Time Home Services can inspect the system to locate what the problem could be. The fan or motor might need replacement in the system.

A failing AC unit will lose performance in keeping the home cool while the system is operating. This can be a maintenance issue that needs to be repaired. The refrigerant level might need a charge. It might be the system needs a new air conditioning installation.

More than Just Air Conditioning Repair Irvine, CA

OnTime Home Services is home to the HVAC contractor Irvine, CA, residents trust. We also provide:

Contact OnTime Home Services Today for Air Conditioning Repair Irvine, CA

Our company strives to be the best in the industry for air conditioning repair in Irvine CA. We service all the surrounding areas for homeowners and businesses. Our client base has always been satisfied with the air conditioning services we perform. Give us a call or use the form to contact us through our website today.