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HVAC Repair

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HVAC Repair in Irvine, CA

Trying to deal with a broken furnace or air conditioner is hard when a homeowner doesn’t know whom to call. Allow OnTime Home Services to be the choice when making that the decision. Extreme weather can be even more inconvenient when faced with a problem with your HVAC system. It always seems to be the time for a system to fail, which is why you need the services of an HVAC contractor in Irvine, CA.

Our team offers the following HVAC services in the local area:

Common Problems That Call for Heating Repair Irvine CA

The furnace is something we must count on during cold weather. Various problems can develop with the system. The furnace might not be operating because the power is off at the unit. When we make the service call to inspect the furnace, our technician will check to see if the thermostat is faulty. We will check the electrical circuits to make sure no problems are present.

The furnace might have a simple issue causing it to fail. A manual reset button located near the motor might have kicked off. Sometimes a jarred door can cause the furnace to fail to operate. Homeowners can be certain that their furnace will operate when our technician has diagnosed the problem.

A pilot light that continues to go out is a sign that the thermocouple needs replacing. A problem with the pilot light is the color. The flame should be blue at all times. A yellow flame is a sign it needs to be checked. Carbon monoxide can build in the air to cause nausea and severe headaches. Call a professional HVAC contractor Irvine CA residents trust to check the unit.

The furnace could be worn out from heavy use over the years. It might be time for a homeowner to consider a new heating installation. They could want to upgrade the old furnace to an energy-efficient HVAC installation. In either case, OnTime Home Services can handle the job.

HVAC maintenance is important to have scheduled each year. It helps keep the system operating efficiently. Many people always prefer a maintenance call to worry with a new HVAC installation. Never neglect the yearly checkup the system requires to continue to provide carefree worry.

Issues That Need Air Conditioning Repair Irvine CA

Everyone enjoys that central air during the hot weather of summer. What you won’t like is when the system breaks down. OnTime Home Services is the company to call for air conditioning repair in Irvine CA. We can handle any air conditioning maintenance a homeowner needs in the area. Be sure to contact us for air conditioning services in Irvine.

An HVAC system has many parts that can cause problems when they fail to operate correctly. The thermostat could be broken or sticking, requiring us to replace it. Never changing the filters can cause the unit to freeze. It won’t operate properly when this happens. It will reduce the airflow that causes the rooms to remain warmer while the unit continues to run.

A system that has worked properly in the past years might need upgrading with new air conditioning installation. We handle all the major brands for HVAC installation. We do have many customers inquiring to us about upgrades to an existing system. We can do an air conditioning installation for any homeowners in our area.

Contact Us for an HVAC Contractor Irvine, CA Trusts

Call OnTime Home Services for air conditioning replacement or heating repair in Irvine CA. Our staff is dedicated to providing all of our customers with exceptional results. We have many repeat customers who prefer our heating services each year. Homeowners who need HVAC repair should give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule service.