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HVAC Repair

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HVAC Repair in Temecula, CA

Our company is the service to contact an HVAC contractor in Temecula, CA. We repair and install all the major brands and models. When homeowners need assistance, they rely on us to handle the task. Call us at OnTime Home Services for HVAC installation or heating services today to schedule an appointment. We are the team that you can trust for:

Need Heating Repair?

Our technicians have higher standards for their ability to diagnose a problem with the home heating system. They have the education and experience to tackle any problems with repairs and heating installation. Problems with the furnace can originate with frayed wiring or a cracked heat exchanger. This can be a dangerous situation that is considered a fire risk. It could cause an explosion inside the house.

The furnace could have a blown fan motor requiring a technician to replace it. A broken fan can stop the unit from heating the home. A member of our staff should check out noises coming from the furnace. This is a signal that something inside the system will fail.

A pilot light can stop the furnace from operating when it won’t stay lit. Never attempt to repair a fuel-fired furnace. Problems with the burner and pilot light blowing out can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Call us to schedule a service appointment to repair the problem.

Our staff handles these problems each day of the week. They are experts when it comes to repairing furnaces. The HVAC system inside the home is complicated to work on when a homeowner doesn’t have the skill or tools to repair problems.

Air Conditioning Repair 

Air conditioning maintenance is extremely important to keep the system operating like new. Many problems can develop within the system. We work with all types of air conditioning systems every day. Our staff can repair or do an air conditioning replacement for any system in homes today.

Issues will happen with an HVAC system. Maybe the unit is worn out from years of use. Our staff will determine whether a new HVAC system should be installed from a service appointment. The unit might need a recharge of refrigerant when it won’t cool the house. Our air conditioning services can take care of it by checking it with diagnostic equipment.

The HVAC repair cost can become expensive with systems. It might be a better benefit for a homeowner to decide on a new air conditioning installation. Frequent service calls for repairs are a sign the system needs an upgrade. We can recommend what size and type of system would serve the home by discussing it with the owner.

Call Us Today For An HVAC Contractor in Temecula, CA

OnTime Home Services is the company to contact when homeowners need HVAC maintenance in the Temecula area. We service all the major brands. Our staff can repair any systems in homes today. When a system breaks down from lack of maintenance, the first company they rely on is ours. Give us a call or fill out our contact form on the website to schedule service in Temecula, CA.