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Solar Panel Installation  in Temecula, CA, and Nearby Areas

Professionally Installed Solar Panels

Utilities are a fact of life in homeownership. They’re also a major expense every month. The major players on your electricity bill are usually central heating and cooling or your water heater. Fortunately, there is an ever-present source of energy just above your home, if you know how to tap into it. OnTime Home Services can help you set up both electrical solar panels and solar-powered water heaters to help reduce your electricity bill every month.

We cater to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

Solar Panels

It’s a fairly obvious idea that the less energy you use from someone else, the less you’ll end up paying at the end of the month. You can get the same effect, with zero change in your energy use, by generating your own power. The easiest way to do this is with roof-based solar panels.

All you need is an unobstructed sight of the sun and you’ll have clean, free energy for as long as you need it. Just make sure that you hire the right contractor to complete the job as a proper panel choice, installation, and location will determine if you meet the energy production you desire.

Solar panels work year-round, regardless of outside temperature, meaning you can continue to power your home throughout the year without worrying about through-the-roof rates. The southwestern United States receives the most year-round solar energy, so you are in exactly the right geographic location to take full advantage of solar panels.

For residents of Temecula and the surrounding cities, OnTime Home Services can help you find the right panels for your home, and will give you the expertise needed for a quality installation. We’ll find how much power you need on an average day and make sure that your panels are large enough to suit the demand. We’ll also make sure that they’re positioned in the most efficient place for the best power output. 

Depending on your needs and wants, we will provide you with a variety of options and solutions. In addition to taking care of all the building permits and determining proper placement and tilt, we also offer customization options, such as paint matching, installing roof insets, mounting systems, and other personalized solutions. Apart from solar panel installations, we also offer HVAC installation in Temecula, CA and surrounding areas.

Up to 20-Year Warranties on Solar Installations

In addition to providing professional solar panel installation, we also offer some of the best solar panel warranties in the business. Ask us about our 20-year bumper-to-bumper warranties for solar installations.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating uses the sun’s energy to warm the water in your home. Without spending expensive fuel or high loads of electric power. This can be done in two different ways:

Active Solar Water Heating:

Active heaters use a pumped circulation system to move water into a solar collector or to warm and a heat-transfer liquid which heats up the water tank indirectly.

Passive Solar Water Heating:

Rather than continually pumping water to and from a collector-box, passive systems use gravity from roof-mounted storage tanks (where the water is heated) or temperature differences (cold water sinks, warm water rises) to keep the tank full of hot water.

Passive systems tend to cost less money because they do not require the constant pumping or as much in the way of specialized equipment. While they’re more reliable and longer-lasting, they are less efficient when compared to active systems that deliberately circulate water to promote heating.

Whichever method you use, OnTime Home Services can help you fit the system to your home. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient system of heating your water, look no further because solar heating systems can reduce your monthly utilities without leaving you with cold water.

Quality Service

As the leading provider of HVAC home services in Temecula and the surrounding areas, we know just how expensive the energy cost for heating and cooling can be. That’s why we provide the highest level of service, guiding you through new installations and delivering 24/7 emergency repair so you aren’t left without the clean and free energy needed to run your heating and cooling or your hot water.

Learn more about home solar electric systems here.

Get professional service on all installations and repairs for solar panels and solar water heaters by calling On Time Home Services at (951) 292-0200.